Ten Laps to Internet Wealth


The internet is a great place to make clean legal money best of all that can be circulated online, make it a hobby and after a while you realize you don’t need money around you we use the term INTERNET WEALTH and not INTERNET MARKETING because people tend to get weary of the term marketing so here are TEN LAPS you need to get the internet to work for you and for your Bank.

Lap One: Understand how the internet works

What is the Internet? BBC be wise has explained the internet to be a global network of computers that works much like the postal system, only at sub-second speeds. Understanding how it works is simple, take a look at it as a system whereby you could find answers to anything. Go ahead pick up an interconnected device and try looking up anything.

Lap Two: Brainstorm for ideas

Got a brain? Put it to use and get started on something small, you do not have to be a guru in business to be a successful online wealth achiever think of different ways you could share knowledge.

Lap Three: Get a Business Account

Don’t have one? Get one and it will be the last time you may ever have to. Usually internet advisors forget to tell you YOU NEED TO HAVE AN ACTIVE BANK ACCOUNT TO BE WEALTHY even online, there really is no magic to it.

Lap Four: Make a Company Site or a blog

Ever visited a Website? You can own one. Of course one of the “Benefits of Dominance” is reproductive success and to earn from the Web you will have to dominate it. Own a Website today

Lap Five: Connect Company Site with Business Account

Is your Business Account globally accepted? If not you should get your account updated from your Bank so you can qualify for PayPal payments on transactions made from all over the world. That way you technically agree to payments from most sites that only require PayPal to transfer money into your account with no hassle.

Lap Six: Register for Links that Pay

Are you set? Start by registering with  https://shorte.st click the “join” tab in the upper-right side. You will see a simple form with 3 fields that you need to fill – email address, confirm email and password. Accept terms&conditions and click the “register” button – that’s the orange one. And that’s it! Now check your inbox for an activation email and confirm your email address.

Lap Seven: Activate Your Account

After registration you will receive an activation email with an activation link that will send it to your email address used for registration. Open the email – and if you don’t see the graphics, simply enable them. Now all you have to do is to click the orange button. Bum! Your account is activated and you’re already logged in! Shrink&Share

Lap Eight: Start Shortening your Links

When on home page or on any other subpage you will see our mighty link shortener. – yes that’s the long , green box. Simply paste or type your loooong link and click “shorten”. Now you can copy your short link or shorten another link. All your links are available in “statistics”

Lap Nine: Share your Links on Social Media

Share your shortened links! When logged in, go to the “statistics” page. Next, click ‘SHORT LINKS’ button (the middle column in the table) and scroll down. You will see all your links there. On the right of each short link – you will find 2 buttons for a quick share. Click one of them – Twitter for example, write a short comment, share it and watch the money flowing in! You can also share links immediately after creation; just paste long link in green box, next press ‘SHORTEN’ and then ‘COPY’. Now, you can paste it anywhere you want (forums, G+. email messages, etc.)

Lap Ten: Get Another Referral to register under you 

Happy with your new Job? Don’t stop now pick up the pace and register some more people and grow your lead with 20% each on every person registered under you, be a leader of yourself and in 12 months you will be making thousands go through more of our articles to learn more about how to make good money on the web.


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