Blood Code

Memory-Bits in the Blood stream

Blood is a force of nature, the élan vital, that has sustained us since time immemorial. A single drop of blood too small to see with the naked eye, contains the entire genetic code of a human being. The DNA blueprint is intact and replicated within us endlessly-through our blood.

Our Blood also contains sons of genetic memory-bits and pieces of specific programming, passed on from our ancestors in codes we are still attempting to comprehend. One of such codes rest within our blood type. perhaps it is the most important code we can decipher in our attempt to unravel the mysteries of blood and its vital role in our existence.

To the naked eye, blood is a homogeneous red liquid. But under the microscope, blood shows itself to be composed of many different elements. The abundant red blood cells contains a special type of iron that our bodies use to carry oxygen and create the goods characteristics rust color. white blood cells, far less numerous than red, cruise our bloodstream like ever-vigilant troops, protecting us against infection.

This complex, living fluid also contains proteins that deliver nutrients to the tissue, platelets that help it clot and plasma that contains the guardians of our immune system.

For more on this grab a copy of Dr Peter J.D’Adamo “Eat Right For(4) your Type” 


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