Vindere Life Foundation

What is Vindere Life? 

Vindere Life is a referral-matrix system. Which means is based on referrals for you to earn. That is to say that you earn by introducing people to the platform and they do same as you earn within the matrix following the compensation plan of the organization.

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Takes on Crypto Currencies

What is Cryptography 

The term Crypto is derived from the word encrypt which means encoding information in such a way that only authorised parties or personnels can access it digitally. And so it is safe to say crypto currency is an additional unit of currency that is designed to work as a medium of exchange digitally. it is a part of cryptography, think of it as a third party adversary in a transaction.

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Ten Laps to Internet Wealth


The internet is a great place to make clean legal money best of all that can be circulated online, make it a hobby and after a while you realize you don’t need money around you we use the term INTERNET WEALTH and not INTERNET MARKETING because people tend to get weary of the term marketing so here are TEN LAPS you need to get the internet to work for you and for your Bank.

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